What to bring

Before you stay at Tops'l Farm, it's important to know what we provide and what you may want to bring with you. Choose to keep it super simple — eat out at local restaurants & enjoy a minimalist experience at the campsite. Or, you might want amp up the escape a bit, cook your own meals around the fire, and give more proper  “camping" a try. Whichever way you choose, planning is the key to enjoyment. 

We provide a small variety of provisions and sundries on a limited basis at our store located to the right of the barn. Supplies and quantities vary. 


Depending on the time of year, it is usually a safe bet to pack for a variety of temps in Maine. Layers baby layers! Fleece, comfy pants and of course, some slip on shoes/boots and fuzzy socks for around the fire. With the many lakes and beaches around a swim suit is also a good bet. 


If you're looking for room service & cute little bottles of hot sauce, you might try a proper resort down the road. While we won't be able to satisfy your 11 pm dessert craving, we do offer a few “order in advance" services that we think help to define the Tops'l glamping experience. If you are interested in these as part of your stay, shoot us a note after your reservation and we can send along an order form of add-ons!

• S'mores Service
• Gourmet Hot Dog Service
• Charcuterie/Cheese Board
• French Press/Muffin Delivery

Aside from that — bring a cooler stocked with your own favorite food & libations or visit the local haunts (we have plenty of recommendations for your group). We provide charcoal & grills. You bring your cooking utensils & plates.

Towels/Sheets/soap, etc

We've got you covered here. All of our tents/cabins are super comfortable and outfitted with the standard stuff you'd find available in a hotel room (bedding, pillows, towels, etc). The shower house has shampoo/conditioner, soap & rubber duckies. 

odds & Ends

What to Bring: Bug spray, snacks of choice, phone charger,  bottled water, killer playlist, your charades A-game. Coolers are helpful for keeping things cold.

What to Expect: Noisy chipmunks, dirt, no-see-ums & good times. No locks on doors. 30 year old sports equipment & quiet mornings. Stocked fire pits. Ice available for sale at the farm store.